Farewell EYFS! See you in Year 1!

It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know all the children in EYFS over the last year! It has been wonderful watching them grow in confidence and seeing them follow their own interests.

What a perfect way to end the year with a campfire celebration! We reminded ourselves of our campfire safety rules and made sure we had all our equipment nearby.

Then we lit the fire. Everyone made toast with jam or honey and toasted either apple with sugar and cinnamon or a marshmallow. We finished off with a hot chocolate or blackcurrant around the fire while we had a singsong and on the way back to school had a quick game of hide and seek!

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who make the campfires possible! 👍


Year 2’s Campfire Celebrations!

What a wonderful time we had at our campfire celebrations!

After the children reminded me of our campfire safety rules and we made sure all the equipment and fire bucket were nearby, we prepared to light the fire.

We began with pancakes cooked on the fire followed by a toasted apple and marshmallow.

We finished off with a hot chocolate or blackcurrant while we had a sing song around the fire and finished off with a team game!

Well done everyone, I’ll see you again when you’re in Year 3! 👍


EYFS were very excited to find out that the Forest Fairies are coming to visit!

The children listened to a story about a fairy that couldn’t fly and even had a letter from the fairies hidden in a leaf! The Forest Fairies are coming to Lytham for a holiday so the children created beautiful gardens for them to enjoy!

We certainly have some talented children, they were so enthusiastic and couldn’t wait to show them off. We even had a Fairy World where the children joined their gardens together.

After a cold drink of water the children went off to play. Some children continued with their fairy gardens, others were swinging from trees, some went in the mud kitchen and others went for a lie down in the shade!

Finally, we went off to check on the pond and played a team game!

Year 2

We had a couple of fun filled mornings with the Year 2 classes!

The children all explored the pond with Miss. Duncan and Miss. Bibby, they used identification sheets to find out what lives there. They found pond skaters, leaches, tadpoles at all different stages, froglets and more …

The children also had a walk around the school grounds with Mrs. Cleasby and Mrs. Trelore to find all different summer colours and wild flowers.

Also, the children came with me on a minibeast hunt. We found caterpillars, shield beetles, worms, common red soldier beetles, ladybird larvae and even a huge moth! We shared our findings and found out some interesting facts!

We had a cold drink at the log circle and reflected on our morning. Fun was certainly had by all!

The children kindly gave me some ideas on what they would like to cook on the campfire next week! 😃


Fairies have been the theme at Forest School this week!

Before we got started we played a quick game of ‘I am the wind’ to run off some energy and a game of forest creature bingo.

Next the children listened to a story about a fairy that couldn’t fly and set about making a garden for the fairy to enjoy! They collected lots of different natural materials to use and the results were beautiful. There were lots of stepping stones, miniature trees, ponds with daisies floating on the top and grass seed sprinkled on for fairy dust. The children were so enthusiastic and imaginative!

After a drink, some children continued playing with their fairy gardens while others wanted to look for mini beasts, some wanted to transport large sticks and some wanted to use the balancing planks! Quite a variety!

On our way back to school we stopped off in our wildlife garden to check on the tadpoles. There were tadpoles at all different stages of development and we were delighted to find some froglets on Wednesday! 😄🐸


Year 3 Hall

What a wonderful time we had with Year 3 Hall! They worked so happily together that the vibe was just incredible!

While I was setting up, a partridge was wandering around our Forest School area which prompted me to get the bird bingo out! We are so lucky having all kinds of birds visit our school grounds.

After that we set about creating some fairy gardens. The children were desperate to get started. We had gardens with hot tubs, washing lines, zip wires, slides and beautiful flowers!

Eventually, we managed to pull them away briefly to prepare their quesadillas to cook on the camp fire. The children loved them so much they said that they were going to ask to have them at home!

Then they continued adding more detail to their gardens before they shared their creations with the rest of the group.

Well done Year 3! 👍



EYFS Hall came outside looking rather hot! So we decided to stay in the shade and experiment with natural materials to see if we could make a boat that floats! Using water definitely helped to keep the children cool.

The results were varied, some boats floated but turned over and some sank straight away. The one that floated the longest was the leaf boat. This sparked conversations on why?

We then had lots of fun sailing them down a river with the children cheering them on!

During their free choice, the children made some beautiful sun catchers! 🌞